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I hope everyone has a better year, than the last, unless you had a good year, but it could always be better, right ;). May you follow through with all your resolutions. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love you all. <3
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AHHH Bitch, bitch, rant, rant. I hate you computer, DIAF now! You piece of shit I tried to get you to work, I took care of you. Now I have to wait until March to get a new computer because you hate me. I WILL REPLACE YOUR ASS BITCH! *rage* I am so tired of the freezing and constant blue-screening. I tried getting help to see if anyone could help and although they are very helpful, you piss me off. Stop being such a tempermental bitch. I even installed windows 7 and yet you still want to pull this crap. Goodbye Sims. I will return in March. I will still be in the community, just not doing anything sims related. I should start posting some of my photography. YES I will do that instead.
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I had so much fun at the zoo. Me and my baby took a day trip to the L.A Zoo and watched all the animals roam. She kept naming all the animals that are in this show called, 64 Zoo Lane. The animals were really active this time around. I can't wait to go back after my sister's son is born.

That's the good part of the trip, the bad part is as soon as I walked past the exit, I had a breakdown. I started crying, it was the first time I took my daughter to a big place without my husband, but he went shooting with his friends (that's a whole other story), so I felt the need to make him feel bad, but in the end I felt the heartache. *sigh* I am gonna try and go out with my SIL tonight, to her bf's concert, and get fucked up off my ass, of course if she pays for the alcohol (she owes me). I need lots of space right now, and I think that will be the best thing for me to do. My mom doesn't want to let me come down and visit with her for awhile, she tells me I should work it out. I just need air, and then it will be fine. I need to miss him and/or he needs to miss me, I just want to go. It's really hard for me because I don't have an out. I rarely party, I don't work, I don't go to school (money issues, of course). So I figure, that would give me the space.

Sorry to clog your F-List.


Jul. 15th, 2009 05:59 pm
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Ok so I don't know if any of you read my post about that chick that didn't pay the water bill. If not, it's here. Well she did it again. Yes, AGAIN! We got the notice AGAIN. We have to pay it within 2 days AGAIN. I mean, I know it is not that fucking hard to pay that shit in a timely fucking manner. I can't kick her out because it's not my house and I don't have the right to do that. Her excuse is that she didn't get the statement. THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE! I don't always get the electricity bill, but I know that I have to go pay it. I mean if you don't know how much it is, guess. Pay something for fuck's sake! You can even call the number and find out how much it is. Don't be fucking stupid. DO IT AGAIN AND I WILL SAY SOMETHING YOU WILL NOT LIKE AT ALL! My M-I-L is a tad bit upset about it, and that woman NEVER gets upset, unless it's something serious or it has happened way too many times and she is fed up with it. So I don't know if my M-I-L is gonna tell her something, but I wanna be standing right there listening, even if she tells her in Spanish. FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!


Jun. 16th, 2009 10:51 am
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Ok so today when I was making breakfast, the guy in the front part of the house brought in something. So I am like what is it? He says it's a notice... I am flipping the fuck out because I know I paid my share of the utilities (electricity and gas) and I know his mom has been paying the mortgage note on the house. That leaves us with one thing, the water. I go to look at the notice and sure enough, it's the water. I am not in charge of the water, my S-I-L's friend is. That's cool, she is part of the family anyways, but how hard can it be to pay the fucking water bill on time? I mean if you can't afford to pay it, fucking tell someone. The funny thing is that our water bill is only like $40 a month. When we got the notice it said $80 something. So she hasn't been paying it. WTF I am so pissed off right now. If my daughter doesn't have any fucking water to take her bath I am going to flip the fuck out. They will turn it off in 2 days. I know she has today off, so I will be letting her know, where the fuck the $80 dollars is, so someone more responsible (me) can fucking go pay it. In all the time I have been living here (5 or so years) I have ALWAYS paid the utility bills ON FUCKING TIME!

On a more happy note: My hubby graduates today! YAY!


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