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Now remember I may or may not have commentary for a picture. Also I would like opinions on my picture sizes. I think they are too small, but am too lazy to go back and fix them. Onward.

Phoenix's Stats

She wants to have 5 Top-Level Businesses, yeah I don't know how to accomplish that one, but we can try. Home businesses work as well, I think.

Went downtown to see if we could catch someone to make babies with, but there was nothing. Just the dumb break-dancer.

Ugh creepy paper girl. GO AWAY! But leave me my paper, of course.

There goes any Treasure Hunting challenge you could have done. Way to go!

*le sigh*

But she brings home........ GRACE! Oh how I miss you.
*note to self: reinstall a new Grace. :(*

She also meets this sexy man (Keely's Cole). Aren't they cute together? Y/Y? The answer is yes.

A couple of days go by and they are talking to each other nonstop, at all hours of the day, and so Phoenix invites him over and this is what happens. *sigh I heard jingles*

Phoenix asked him to move in and he brought 2,000+. I don't remember how much exactly and I forgot to screencap it. Anyways, I asked him to propose because I like my girls to wear the engagement ring, as it looks weird on the guys.

/end engagement spam

Phoenix: Hi *giddy smile*

Night night time (during the day).

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos. Next update should (hopefully) be soon. Thanks for reading the first part.
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